Maximum throughput for maximum ROI.


The SmartWash™ system is a revolutionary wash system enhancer and control system that increases the efficiency and effectiveness of chlorine-based wash systems. SmartWash™ is cutting edge chemistry that boosts the bottom line and improves food safety.

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Molecular level process control through the SmartWash™ system includes our proprietary delivery systems, water pre-treatment solutions and line integration solutions that guarantee maximum throughput and line efficiency.

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Analytical measurement, monitoring, injection control and data storage with the potential for remote management. Full data on productivity, line management, process control and food safety systems.

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Process Control

SmartWash Solutions offers a variety of custom line management options, giving processors a powerful tool in process control. We're able to accomplish what no other wash system can by creating a consistent reservoir of chlorine, administered through our proprietary engineering and technology systems, resulting in unparalleled efficiency and food safety.


The SmartWash™ system is a highly efficient enhancer designed to integrate easily into already existing systems, allowing for minimum investment and maximum return on that investment. SmartWash™ stabilizes the wash system, allowing for better wash water control, line management, and line start up times. All of this improving throughput through increased efficiency.

Food Safety

SmartWash™ is the single, most effective tool in eliminating outbreaks of food-borne illness in produce. SmartWash™ improves the efficacy of chlorine– a full-time, full-power chlorine decontamination to attack and destroy bacteria, without the dangers and negative side effects inherent in a standard chlorine wash solution. SmartWash™ eliminates the threat of cross contamination in the wash system, the single biggest threat to a successful wash system.

Cost Management

SmartWash™ is the most cost-effective wash enhancement product available. Boosting the bottom line with efficiency improvements, SmartWash™ provides an impressive return on investment, and with a variety of line management products available there is a custom solution available for every company and every circumstance.


The SmartWash™ system includes a variety of ways to capture date including the popular rapid data transfer system, which provides usable trends and statistical data that will be accessible via a dedicated website for each site. The data is uploaded to a multiple stage secure server, which is available to the plant management staff, a national quality staff, and SmartWash Solutions technical team. This system helps to mitigate the risk of operating out of compliance, allows for quick troubleshooting, and a timely resolution of issues, which saves time and money.


Using SmartWash Solutions’s innovative Process Baseline Analysis, data is collected and compared on all components of process control: water systems, wash systems, chlorine use, line efficiency, labor costs and food safety. The comparison study allows processors to instantly see inefficiencies, and how SmartWash™ can improve productivity. Data collection is easy and ongoing, allowing for pinpoint process control, maximum efficiency, increased throughput and maximum return on investment.