"One Harvest has been at the forefront of produce industry innovation for over 90 years," said Anina Immelman, Head of Technical at One Harvest Australia. "The SmartWash Solutions process control system is enhancing our ability to ensure security and food safety as we grow, process, and supply our products all year round. By investing in this technology, we are supporting our customers in supplying high quality, delicious, and safe Australian produce to their consumers."

Anina Immelman, Head of Technical at One Harvest Australia

"With the SmartWash equipment and new Process Pro Data Live (PPDL) 2020 in place, we now have increased visibility and management of our CCP process wash systems. Additionally, the system has maintained effectiveness and stability at all times, causing zero downtime for many months now,"

Maxwell Cawley, Chief Operating Officer at HMC Farms

“Sysco and FreshPoint are in a unique position in that we buy from many different fresh cut suppliers and have been able to analyze many different systems and mitigations. After reviewing the data we determined that SmartWash was the clear winner in food safety, quality and process control.”

Shane Samples, Director of Corporate QA

“Before SmartWash, in order to be sure, we would not go below a set point. We had to have that set point dramatically higher than the critical control point. Now, I can have my set point 3 or 4 parts per million away from my critical control point and still be in control. SmartWash gives us much tighter control in a much narrower range of operation which increases efficiency while at the same time protecting the quality of the product.”

Ken Baseman, VP Food Safety & QA

“Converting all of our systems was a large implementation. SmartWash has a very knowledgeable support team who smoothly guided the transition,” said Vince Brigantino, general manager at True Leaf Farms. “They are an excellent partner and have been there every time we’ve needed them.”

Vince Brigantino, General Manager at True Leaf Farms

“We chose SmartWash for three reasons,” stated VP FSQA True Leaf Farms. “First, we have spent significant resources developing our state-of-the-art wash systems and we want to make sure we are operating at the highest level of food safety control. Second, SmartWash Solutions’ performance validation conducted by USDA-ARS as well as the on-site work conducted in our facility meets and exceeds FSMA expectations. And lastly, the reporting and overall technology of the system has no equal.”

VP FSQA at True Leaf Farms

"I recommend SmartWash Solutions because of the confidence and strength they have put into our food safety programs. Having real time information using their Process ProData Live allows us to deal with issues immediately before they become problems. Their scientific and technical support is great, and the hands on availability to support my staff is the best in class; it’s really impossible to recommend anything but SmartWash Solutions.”

Jason Kawata, Director Quality and Food Safety, Taylor Farms California - Food Service Division

“We were looking to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace. We did our research and found that SmartWash was the safest system available,”

Dan Martin, President of FreshPoint Toronto

“SmartWash allows us to run higher pounds per hour while still keeping our pH and sanitizers at proper levels and not losing down time. It does depend on the product, for instance, onions are more difficult than romaine, so it could be a 30 to 40 percent throughput improvement on some products while others may be five to ten percent.”

Dave Morris, Sr. VP Operations, McEntire