PPDL 2020 Offers Improved Real-Time Wash Line Data Available From SmartWash Solutions®

PPDL 2020 Offers Improved Real-Time Wash Line Data

SmartWash Solutions announced the release of PPDL 2020, providing significant enhancements to Process Pro Data Live (PPDL), the online tool for produce processing plant managers to monitor real-time performance of their wash lines’ water chemistry and quickly locate potential problems to improve efficiency and food safety.

The program boasts improved site speed, navigation and an impressive data dashboard, which can be accessed from any wi-fi enabled computer. Wash line data can be viewed and reacted to using the new PPDL 2020 “Situational Awareness View” screen, providing easy-to-interpret visual snapshots of the current status of all wash lines in operation. Data is displayed with eye-catching colors for warnings and alarms that could affect food-safety operations.

Wash system managers and technicians can use the PPDL 2020 data charts, reports and alerts to monitor equipment and chemical status, regardless of where the production operation is located. Thus, a SmartWash Solutions service technician in Europe can assess current wash system parameters and performance for a customers’ production facility anywhere in the world. PPDL 2020 includes historical data for verification and calibration of pH and chlorine sensors that allows the user to track sensor performance over time. An included electronic review and sign-off of verification and calibration events ensures FSMA compliance.

Wash line data is collected and recorded every 6 seconds for data mining, reporting and trend analysis. The program also includes historical records of wash lines for easy access to food safety documentation during audits, as well as system calibration performance reports for optimal transparency.

“PPDL 2020 is a one-stop-shop paired with a SmartWash system, providing transparency, validation and accountability to wash line chemistry performance,” said Greg Martin-Rolsky, SmartWash Solutions engineer. “Managers and techs can now respond even more quickly to system alerts, improving operational efficiency and optimizing food safety.”

SmartWash system operational documents are now accessible directly through PPDL 2020, ensuring users always have access to the latest information for use, calibration and reporting of their wash system equipment. Plans for bilingual language settings are in the near future, along with additional developments. SmartWash Solutions does currently offer support and training materials in both English and Spanish.

With COVID-19 affecting in-person support, SmartWash Solutions’ partners have benefitted from improved virtual insight and access to technicians with shared reviews of real-time wash line data. “With a global client base, the PPDL 2020 data connection allows us to remotely view clients’ systems from our North American and European offices so we can assess the real-time operating condition and decide if a SmartWash technician needs to visit a plant to perform physical maintenance,” Martin-Rolsky continued. “When it comes to wash line efficiency and food safety, PPDL 2020 is a real game-changer.”