Pinpoint Calibration System Improves Process Control Systems

SmartWash Solutions announces their newest product, the Pinpoint Calibration System. This system, which includes the Precision Chlorine Sensor Calibrator and Chlorine Standard Testing Solution, improves the performance of chlorine-based wash systems with easy, accurate and efficient test results.

The Precision Chlorine Sensor Calibrator can be easily integrated into existing systems; it does not require permanent installation and one or two portable units can maintain the accuracy of wash control systems in an entire processing plant. The Chlorine Standard Testing Solution creates a consistent, accurate and repeatable baseline to test and calibrate against, eliminating the need for manual calibration and constant water checks.

The Pinpoint Calibration System reduces the labor required to maintain chlorine sensor accuracy. Since its initial release in November 2014, The Pinpoint Calibration System has been installed in 21 facilities monitoring 119 produce processing lines and the results have been very promising.

“The Precision Chlorine Sensor Calibrator has helped reduce human error and increase the quality of process control at the sites where it has been implemented,” said Steven Swarts, Director of Business Development for SmartWash Solutions. “The solutions we provide continue to ensure our customers are prepared to meet the monitoring and verification requirements of the FSMA Preventive Controls Rule.”